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My name is Ron Cooper, and I’m the founder of RetireRICHER.

I have always been a self-starter.

I began my career in financial planning, leading sales in mutual funds and limited partnerships for a large financial services firm.

Soon after, the largest syndicator of government-assisted real estate in the country recruited me to manage sales east of the  Mississippi. I traveled the eastern United States making sales presentation after sales presentation to hungry buyers.

Often, I’d find myself selling $10,000,000 partnerships to hundreds of buyers in just minutes.  It was a thrill; I loved it.

Yet, in 1986 new regulations changed the face of the business.  The partnerships we sold were no longer tenable under the new laws created by Congress.  With that,  I had to make a change.

I wanted to work for myself and have the flexibility to make my own schedule.  I still enjoyed seeing the beautiful and varied parts of the United States.   Making money over the Internet was not a viable business option at the time.   So I decided to invest in an 18-wheeler.

For almost three decades I drove coast to coast in all types of weather seeing every inch of the country.  But when my eyesight began to wear down my trucking puppy and I decided it was time to start the next phase of our lives. 

I have always been a fan of technology, putting pieces together to create something great.  Before the computer boom really began, a personal computer could be prohibitively expensive.  But, there was a company that offered personal computers in “kit” form.  They sent you the wires, circuit boards, chips, resistors and connectors.  

With the parts they sent an instruction booklet on how to put it all together.  All you had to do was follow the instructions.  

It was an interesting process.  As I tightened the last screw on the cover, I could feel the air vibrate with anticipation.  I held my breath, plugged the computer into an electrical outlet and flipped the switch.  Next, I watched my new computer come to life.  Pure Magic.

I felt the same way as I began my new career making money online.  I had a virtual box of parts and an instruction manual.   I held my breath as I “flipped the switch” and plugged into a host of hungry buyers.  It took a bit of time, focus and determination.  But it was as easy as following the instructions for creating a custom online business.  

The same instructions I’m now looking forward to passing onto you to help you begin a new phase in your life.    

The phase where you are in control,  where you are able to make money from wherever you are, as long as you have a computer and a handy set of proven, legitimate guides to help you on your way. To that end, let’s have fun and learn about feeding the hungry crowd of online buyers with the information, products, and services they’re looking for.   

And make at least $100,000 in revenue each year in the process.   

Bottom line, let’s Retire Richer.

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